About General Surgery Physicians

General surgery physicians are specially trained in the diagnosis and operative and management of a wide range of surgical services and procedures.  General surgeons must successfully graduate from medical school, then complete five to seven years of intensive instruction in a residency program, prior to being able to operate.

The highly skilled general surgeons of Hartsville Surgical Center are board certified by the American Board of Surgery.  Being board certified is an accurate indicator of a surgeon’s competency and knowledge.  The three surgeons of Hartsville Surgical Center undergo re-certification testing every 10 years in accordance with Board requirements. 

Furthermore, Arthur Cooler, M.D., Jason Dameron, M.D. and Thomas Mincheff, M.D. are designated as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.).  This means the surgeon has passed a thorough evaluation of both professional competence and ethical fitness. A Fellow has committed themselves unequivocally to place the welfare of the patient above any other consideration; to avoid division of fees with other physicians; to make their fees commensurate with the services rendered; and to refrain from performing unjustified operations. 

Additionally, to ensure that the surgeons are current in their specialized areas, they participate in Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs which include attending national meetings, seminars, lectures and reviewing journals.