Cosmetic Laser

The skin is the largest organ of the body,  and frequently the most damaged or ill-treated organ!  Fortunately there is an excellent way to treat sun damage, spider veins, moles, warts, and vascular lesions etc. 

Hartsville Surgical Center uses the Cutera Excel V laser for treatment and repair of skin damage and unsightly effects of disease processes such as acne or rosacea.

For benign vascular lesion treatments, laser light is absorbed by hemoglobin in the veins, and the heat produced causes photocoagulation.  Heat is transferred to the vessel wall, which ultimately destroys the vessels and prevents recanalization. 

For benign pigmented lesion treatments, the laser light is absorbed by superficial melanin in the lesion. Pigmented cells are denatured, darken, rise to the surface and flake off over a couple of weeks.

The Excel V laser also treats wrinkles and diffuse redness by gently heating the dermis.

The Cutera Excel V is not indicated for pregnant patients and patients undergoing treatment for skin cancer. This laser will not remove tattoos. Larger varicose veins usually require a more invasive surgical procedure, and are not appropriate for laser therapy.

When scheduling your free consultation, be sure to inform your clinician of tanning habits, sun exposure and products used such as Acutane. Pre-treatment with an antiviral may be indicated for patients prone to cold sores.